About us

Bluumo is a versatile online service store. We offer a new way to purchase and use services. On-site delivered services save you a significant amount of time and effort as a customer, making services more readily available directly online, much like food or goods nowadays!

At the moment, Bluumo offers a comprehensive range of well-being-focused services. We are actively and customer-orientedly expanding both our service offerings and geographical coverage.

For the consumer

Enjoy the convenience of services purchased online at your home, hotels, workplace, or even at a friend's place during gatherings. In addition to clear time-saving benefits, subscription services open up many other interesting possibilities. For instance, instead of a gift card, you can give your loved ones a suitable service as a non-material gift.

Top-quality services are no longer confined to a specific street corner or central locations in the city center - you can 'Bluumo' them all directly to your doorstep. Our service concept's efficiency also ensures high-quality service with consumer-friendly pricing.

Bluumo PRO for service providers

For service providers, Bluumo functions as a gig-work platform - and in the future, much more! Bluumo offers professionals a new way to carry out entrepreneurship in a more agile and intelligent way. Service providers can focus on their core expertise while Bluumo takes care of sales, marketing, and appointment scheduling management. In other words, you spend less time on support tasks and more time on billable work with reduced financial risks.

Bluumo can be used to support a brick-and-mortar salon, work part-time, or transition to a fully mobile and digital service provider. In the latter case, there is no need for a physical storefront, saving a substantial amount on rent and other space-related costs. Regardless of how Bluumo is used, it increases demand for your services by making their purchase and use easier.

Why Bluumo?

Our goal-driven and ever-more efficient world deserves more well-being and ease. We believe in continuous improvement and that efficiency, when implemented correctly, enhances everyone's well-being. Unfortunately, efficiency is often confused with adding more work hours and neglecting self-care.

The growth of online shopping is a sign that both buyers and sellers appreciate the opportunities offered by digital tools. There is no reason why service businesses should lag behind this development. We enhance the availability of services and simplify their delivery by reducing location dependency and streamlining the cost structure. At the core of Bluumo beats our browser-based platform, which enables the optimization of the service chain for the benefit of all.

That's why Bluumo.

BLUUMO founders Minna, Zafar & Esko