Gift Cards

Gifts of well-being

The world is drowning in material possessions, but there can never be too much well-being. Well-being gifts are the trend today and bring special joy into everyday life for many. Giving well-being as a gift says a lot about the giver!

For example, an hour-long massage delivered to your home will surely leave a lasting impression on everyone and do good in many ways; the recipient can truly relax when the service comes to them, without having to spend time and effort to use a gift card. Well-being gifts provide recipients with various health benefits, and moreover, purchasing services stimulates the local economy without burdening the environment like material goods.

Bluumo gift cards

Bluumo gift cards are a delightful gift and an easy way to remember a colleague, loved one, or otherwise brighten the day of someone important to you. Here's how to order a Bluumo gift card:

Send a message to and provide the following information: the service you want to gift, the recipient's name, and who the gift is from. We will send you the gift card to your email within 3 hours, with a code that the recipient can use to redeem the service whenever they want. The gift card is valid for one year. We will send you a payment link through Visma Payments, which you can use to pay for your purchase via online banking, MobilePay, or card. You can also always call and place an order with our customer service at +358 44 236 6308, our customer service is open on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.