Workplace well-being is a key competitive factor that affects both your company's reputation and its performance. Well-being in the workplace is a combination of several factors. Good leadership and a healthy corporate culture provide the foundation for well-being in the workplace. This is complemented by workplace well-being services that address and prevent symptoms such as exhaustion, stress, and pain.

Bluumo is a versatile well-being partner for your company.

Bluumo provides all website services to businesses as well. Typical services offered by Bluumo include workplace massages, group exercise classes, concentration exercises, and programs for company events such as holiday parties or well-being days. Bluumo's flexible and location-independent service reaches those working on-site at the workplace as well as your company's remote workers. Our services support both physical and mental well-being and help in creating a positive employer image.

Bluumo offers a comprehensive range of well-being services in one place. We are part of the Reliable Partner program, so your contractor liability matters are in our hands, and they are easy to verify as well.

Order well-being directly online or with an invoice

You can purchase services directly online and pay for your purchases with your company's credit card. We have gathered services specifically tailored to businesses in their own category in our store, but other services (such as various massages and fitness services) can also be delivered to workplaces. We also offer billing options for businesses, which you can inquire about from our customer service at

Programs for holiday parties and occupational well-being days.

Customizing various theme days and events is also possible through our customer service. Based on the discussion, we will provide your company with an offer regarding the content and price of the event. A theme day can include various activities, such as physical or mindfulness workshops, massage stations, or well-being-related lectures.

Reward good work with well-being!

Well-being services are also an excellent means of reward, either on an individual or team level. Giving well-being services as a gift is also a great way to acknowledge employees on special occasions, such as birthdays and Christmas. Gifting well-being services has many advantages compared to physical items. Locally produced well-being services contribute to sustainable consumption for the environment and support the local small business-driven service sector.

A well-being gift in the style of Bluumo is also convenient for the recipient because the service is always brought to their location, whether it be at home or at the workplace. This way, the gift recipient doesn't have to spend their own time redeeming a thoughtful gift from their employer. Explore our services or get in touch with our customer service, and we can work together to get your company's well-being package in shape.