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Booking and managing my appointments

Can I pay for my appointment in cash?

No, appointments need to be booked and paid for when placing the order. Our payment partner is the Finnish Visma Payments Oy and their service covers 99 % of the payment methods used. If you'd like to tip your pro in cash this is fine.

What is your cancellation and amendment policy?

Please cancel your appointment minimum of 24 hours prior to your service. This helps us direct another appointment for the booked professional. Cancellations later than this will be charged in full. 

You can cancel your booking via the Bluumo web app up to 24 hours before your appointment for a full refund. Please note, refunds are processed instantly but may take 2-3 days to show on your bank statement depending on your bank provider.

I have urgent inquiry about my booking. What should I do?

If you want to change your appointment or you have an urgent inquiry regarding an appointment taking place in less than 24 hours, please call us directly at +358 44 236 6308. Also, if you need to cancel with a short notice due to illness we ask you to contact us via phone. We will address urgent cancellations on individual basis. In other cases we go by our standard cancellation policy.

If you want to book a new appointment to replace a cancelled one, the easiest way is to do the booking online from our service catalog. If you need help with the booking we are here to help. Just contact or call us at +358 44 236 6308.


I am feeling unwell and flu like symptoms, should I cancel my appointment?

If you are feeling unwell in any manner, then we kindly ask you to re-schedule your appointment. This is the best policy for your own comfort and also considerate of you for the sake of the Bluumo service professionals and their other clients.

Why have I not received a confirmation email?

After the booking, you will receive an email acknowledging your booking. At this time we are matching it with one of our Bluumo professionals. Once one of our professionals have accepted your booking, you will receive another booking confirmation email confirming your booking. 

The messages are automatically generated by our application. So, there is a chance that the message has ended up in your junk e-mail due to spam filter settings. Please check your spam folders if our e-mail seems to be missing.

How do I choose my professional?

When booking with Bluumo, your appointment will be automatically matched with one of our expert professionals. They all are fully qualified and vetted in-house to meet our high quality standards. So rest assured you will be matched with someone fabulous!

If you have any special considerations regarding the appointment, please contact us via phone when booking the appointment. In future we will enable features for leaving your requests while making the booking.

Massage services

I'm pregnant, can I have any of your massage services?

We offer a specialist Pregnancy Massage service which incorporates techniques that are both safe and comfortable for a pregnant person to enjoy. This massage is delivered by a massage therapist who specializes in these techniques.

What can I expect from my massage service?

Your massage professional will arrive with a massage table, oils and all the other necessary equipment for the session. Your therapist will instruct you how much you need to take off for the selected massage type, give you a towel to cover yourself and then leave the room to give you privacy to ready yourself. Our massage therapists are very skilled at protecting your modesty and making you feel comfortable. Also, you will never have to uncover anything you are not comfortable with.

The massage service will always be adapted to suit your particular needs and preferences. Your therapist will tailor the massage to you, adapting the pressure and focus points to suit your situation. At the end of the treatment, your professional will leave the room to allow you to get dressed.

Should I somehow prepare for my massage service?

Select a warm and quiet space where you feel comfortable receiving the massage. Your massage therapist will set up the massage table, so ideally minimum of 2x2 meters space is needed. The massage therapist will provide all necessary auxiliary equipment. If you want, you can grab your headphones and select some relaxing music for yourself to make the session the most relaxing for you.

Customer service

What are your customer service hours of operation?

You can expect to reach us always from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. Other times we will be at your service on separate request. We will expand our customer service reach from 2023 onwards.

How do I contact Bluumo customer service?

 The best way to reach us is by using the contact form on our website. You can also email us at For urgent cases our customer service number is +35840 934 4937.

We strive to provide a great service that meets or exceeds the quality expectations of our customers. If you feel we have missed our mark, we would love to hear your constructive feedback. Also general suggestions on how to improve our application or service are highly welcomed.

General Information

How does the Bluumo service work?

Bluumo allows you to book expert beauty services to where it is comfortable for you to receive these services. Typical location would be for example the comfort of your own home. You can manage your bookings via the Bluumo web app. Simply select your city to book beauty services to your preferred location. Whether at home, in a hotel or even in the office if it suits your company policy. We will come to you!

Upon placing a booking, your request will then be matched with one of our expert beauty professionals. Once confirmed you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your appointment details containing also the information about the service professional. All you need to do is sit back, relax and wait for your stylist to arrive!

Do I have to wear a face mask during the service?

By default, wearing a face mask is not our requirement. Please wear a face mask during your service to protect yourself and your Bluumo professional if instructed to do so by your local authorities. If you do not have a mask of your own, your beauty professional can offer you one complimentary mask.

Can people under 18 years old use Bluumo?

Only people who are 18 years or older can register to Bluumo and ordre services. However we are glad to serve also people who are under age. So please, if you want to enjoy a Bluumo haircut, massage or any other service delivered to you, ask your parrents or some other person of legal age book and pay the service for you.

Is Bluumo meant for men or women?

Bluumo is made for both men and women. We offer an easy way for everybody to try different wellbeing services with a low entry barrier. Who wouldn't enjoy a realxing foot spa at your home coach while binging on your favourite TV series. Or a hassle free hair cut with just an opening of the door. Some services however are gender related by the very nature of the service. We are for example offering beard trimming and pregnancy massage in future.

Who are the Bluumo’s professionals?

Service quality and customer experience are at the heart of what we do. It is important that  our customers have an excellent experience with us every time they book. All of our professionals are fully qualified trained professionals. They and their business have passed a background check. Whilst we have clear quality standards to professionals who start working on the platform, we also provide them with training on how to deliver services at customer premises. We continually monitor the quality of our professionals too using customer feedback, mystery shopping and other quality checks. This is done to ensure we deliver a consistent top notch service on each and every booking. We are building a community of individual professionals with interest to continuous learning an professioinal excellence.

What areas and locations do you service?

We started offering on-demand wellbeing services with home delivery on 10/2022. At first we focus only on a limited number of zip code areas in the Helsinki capital area. We will expand the reach based on customer demand and feedback. If we do not yet operate in your area you can notify us about your interest as a counsumer ofr a service provider via our contact form.

What are your first and last booking times?

Our first appointment start time is 8 am seven days a week. Our last appointment start time is 20:00. Please note, bookings need to be made with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

How much does it cost to book with Bluumo?

You can view our full services and prices in the main menu section. What you see there is what you pay. VAT is included and there are no extra delivery charges.

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