2024-05-13 Collaboration

Exploring international opportunities with Bluumo and Haaga-Helia's collaboration

Bluumo is actively involved in various educational collaborations. Our experiences as a provider of internship placements, guidance for theses, and participation as a company in course teaching have been very positive. In the fall of 2023, we started a collaboration with Haaga-Helia by (...)


2024-04-18 Bluumo PRO

Bluumo and Haaga Helia together in Spain!

How about working in Barcelona instead of Pasila? Bluumo and Haaga Helia collaborated on an educational trip to Barcelona, which also laid the groundwork for Bluumo's goals to offer job opportunities in the warmth of Spain for professionals working on our platform in the future!


2024-03-15 Massage

Massage at my home - how do I prepare?

Ordering a massage therapist to your home is a new luxury for many in everyday life - or quite literally, assistance in tight situations either with body tension or when the situation doesn't allow for going to the service location yourself. Here's some information and a quick guide for you (...)


2024-03-11 Massage

Neck and shoulder pain? Causes and treatment tips

Do you suffer from neck and shoulder issues? They're among the most common complaints and a downright nuisance, especially for those who work sitting down. Read about the usual causes of these pains, what kind of help is available, and how to prevent them.


2024-03-08 Massage

Sports massage for athletes

Sports massage is suitable for everyone, especially for those who love sports. Whether you're a casual exerciser or a passionate athlete, sports massage supports your well-being in many ways. Learn more and check if you can already order a massage therapist to your location!



What is - Physiotherapy?

For many of us, the word physiotherapy is familiar, but its content and versatility are not so well-known. Did you know that, for example, pains in the neck and shoulder area caused by working at a computer are within the scope of physiotherapy, and you can claim a 60% tax deduction for a home (...)